Shaun Fisher

Shaun Fisher is a Musician / Producer & Multi Platinum Songwriter.

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Wendy Shepherd of Studio Matrix has provided Shaun with website work, online publicity, consulting, social media and internet management since about the year 2010.

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Shaun Fisher is an accomplished multi-platinum songwriter and music producer. Shaun has written, performed and produced music for projects that range from local artists, celebrity stars, and big motion pictures with collaboration from top names in the entertainment industry including Steven Seagal, Gloria Estafan, Mandy Moore and popular films such as “Bring It On”, “Lizzie McGuire”, and “Miss Congeniality”.

Shaun’s journey started when he began developing his talents at the age of nine and continued into adulthood where he attended Berklee College of Music and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (Music Composition Emphasis) from Rollins College with a thorough knowledge of music theory and technique which he personalizes to produce an eclectic mix of musical influences encompassing various genres from world to classical.

Shaun passionately creates music to spread joy and convey the celebration of faith and life. In addition to his music career, he spends quality time with his loving family and is also a youth mentor who works on empowering young minds to achieve the most from the potential they possess.

Shaun recently released Body & Soul (Goin’ Native Records), which is described as an eclectic collection of trendy worldbeat music featuring genres ranging from jazz to R&B with Caribbean, Latin and African influences. He’s a music director at Walt Disney World where he also performs live in the Animal Kingdom area of the amusement park. He’s currently writing and producing new music including a new 3rd album with Steven Seagal, an Arethra Franklin tribute, and more upcoming projects.


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