Studio Matrix can help you improve your online visibility by creating and growing
an internet presence through your own website, social networks and media outlets.  


Get a website or have your site redesigned.

Studio Matrix provides websites in various sizes. Start small with a domain name on a one-page site that links to your social media networks, or go with a full multi-page website. List of some of the things you’ll get guidance and help with:

  • Domain name
  • Website hosting
  • Website creation
  • Website maintenance
  • Etc.

Things to prepare:

  • Choose website colors
  • Logo
  • About | Biography
  • Text for webpages
  • Photos (resizing may be needed)
  • Videos/music (host on youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, etc.)
  • Contact information
  • Social media links
  • Agent/manager/etc. information
  • Choose to have a news blog or not
  • Other website examples
  • Date website is needed
  • What is your target audience
  • Etc.

Network, share news, and build up fans.

Studio Matrix provides help with popular social media outlets. Each network is different with some similarities making it possible for people to broadcast and share information. List of things you’ll get guidance and help with:

  • Set up
  • Name selection
  • Display images (sizes, etc)
  • Post text/photos/videos/tag people
  • Send follow/like requests
  • Clean up non-followers
  • Check direct & public messages
  • Retweet/repost/share
  • List profiles in directories
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Etc.

Things to prepare:

  • Username
  • Official links
  • Photos for profile and header
  • Small one sentence bio
  • Several starter photos
  • Several starter text messages
  • Target audience (competition & friendly)
  • Etc.

Share news & get interviews with the media.

Studio Matrix submits your news, review and interview opportunities for your latest projects to small, medium and large online and traditional media outlets. List of some of the things you’ll get guidance and help with:

  • Gathering important information
  • Submitting press news, photos, links
  • Arranging interviews
  • Submitting products for review
  • Etc.

Things to prepare:

  • News details
  • Updated biography / history
  • Facts
  • Preference for type of interview (Email, phone, Skype, etc.)
  • High resolution photos, logo, etc.
  • Videos, music, official links, etc.
  • Event details (dates/names/location)
  • Quotes (if needed)
  • Target audience
  • Contact information (manager, agent, rep)
  • Press release (+title options)
  • Past press coverage (reviews/interviews)
  • Desire to pay for advertising (yes or no)
  • Etc.


  • Contact for rates and availability, payment must be prepaid.
  • Consider what you can afford monthly, including fees for yearly domain name registration, monthly web hosting, monthly internet management and monthly online publicity. Keep in mind that when software is used to create websites that there will be monthly fees for updating and upgrading the software and it’s components. Please send your monthly budget estimate.
  • A clean simple design is usually incorporated to help with load time from many different devices. Shopping carts or design heavy websites pricing
  • Each social network is different and results will be dependent on the topic, material available, input from the person/business, and more. Each social network has rules and limits for what can be done each month, week, or day.
  • New accounts require a lot of work to set up and customize. Big accounts require more time to manage.
  • Some accounts may grow faster than others, depending on the popularity of the topic/company.

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