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Kevin Interdonato is an actor.

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Wendy Shepherd of Studio Matrix has provided Kevin with online publicity, consulting, social media and internet management since about the year 2015.

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Kevin Interdonato began his career on the East Coast, an actor known for his work on the Indie film scene in NYC, Philadelphia and NJ. From 2001, his television roles on “The Sopranos”, “Law And Order”, “CSI:NY”, and being nationwide finalist in producer Joel Silver’s “Next Action Star”, only added to his resume of acting in many award-winning independent films.

An abrupt leave from the business to fulfill his military obligations led Kevin to a tour of duty in Baghdad, Iraq in 2004-05. Upon his return, his work thereafter led to being honored at the 2008 Garden State Film Festival, where he was awarded the “Robert Pastorelli Rising Star Award”.

Relocating to Hollywood in 2010, Kevin’s work was recognized at several film festivals, receiving the Best Actor award at the 2011 Indie Fest, as well as the Indie Actor Award of Merit at The Accolades Competition. He received rave reviews for his work in “Blue Collar Boys” which had a theatrical release in NYC and LA, being compared to a young Robert DeNiro in several publications. He was then interviewed in 2013 for top film magazine, The Independent Film Quarterly, highlighting his place in the industry as “The New Badass of Indie Film”.

In recent years, Kevin has expanded his talents as an up-and-coming producer, co-creating/Sstarring and executive producing the highly buzzed one-hour TV series (“DIRTY DEAD CON MEN“) soon to be pitched to networks, and the feature film, “BAD FRANK“, which has recently been picked up by top industry sales rep, Lotus Entertainment. Aside from co-writing and producing “BAD FRANK“, Kevin is starring in the film opposite Tom Sizemore, Brian O’Halloran (Clerks), and former Boxing Champion, Ray “Boom-Boom” Mancini. He is also a series regular in the upcoming TV Series currently in talks with networks, the highly anticipated, “LAND OF THE OUTLAWS“.



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